Pacari - El Mejor Chocolate para el Mundo

We were born to revolutionize the chocolate industry, not only in Latin America, but in the world. The consequence, more than 200 international awards.

Pacari - El Mejor Chocolate para el Mundo

Pacari Chocolate Tasting

Experience with each flavor the virtues of fine aroma chocolate, with international quality and made with the best cacao in the world.


The tasting consists of savoring pure chocolate bars and others that contain flavors from Ecuador, enjoying every bite, while we go through the history of cacao in Ecuador.

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Through your senses,

chocolate comes alive

Pacari - El Mejor Chocolate para el Mundo

If you want to make a more exclusive experience, you can book a private tasting to expand your senses with us.

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Each of our chocolate bars is created based on sustainable processes, organic and in several cases, biodynamic. This makes us the only company that works with cacao crops of this type.


We seek to rescue and share endogenous flavors of Ecuador, therefore exporting to more than 42 countries worldwide makes a difference. These highlight each bite making eating chocolate a unique and natural experience.

Find the taste of the best chocolate in the world.