Pacari culture

If our actions are sustainable, the world is eternal.
Each step we take generates a reaction in the universe, a unique and definitive consequence that alters every decision we make in the future. A world of waste is inevitable if we don’t think before acting. The principles of sustainability give us an opportunity to change the history of the world. The world exists and thanks to him, so do we.

Pacari Chocolate Tasting

Through the senses, chocolate comes alive. Experience with each flavor the qualities of a fine aroma chocolate and international quality, made with the best cacao in the world.

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Pacari - Archidona Cacao Route

A trip to the Amazon along with PACARI, where we will enter a Quechua community to get to know the Natural process of planting and harvesting the best Cacao in the world, the cacao classified as “fine aroma”.

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Chocolate Vegan Truffle Preparation Workshop

Our truffle experience seeks to give you an approach to our history, allow you to feel in your hands the result of a millenary tradition.

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Find the taste of the best chocolate in the world.