impact on Earth

Pacari is a company that was born from a dream. A dream that seeks to generate a positive impact on earth changing the world’s history through its chocolate.

We want to be

the best chocolate FOR the world

In 2002, Santiago Peralta and Carla Barbotó began to travel a historic path. They founded a unique chocolate company, which in just 6 years would be exporting its bars abroad, challenging the market and mentality of a globalized world.


Pacari - El Mejor Chocolate para el Mundo

PACARI means

Nature in Quechua

urning back to its natural state by respecting the basic principles of Mother Earth. Simply by caring for it, and by giving back the life it provides. That is our mission, through organic habits, fair trade, and biodynamics we want to create new forms of agricultural practices.

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Values that move us


For us, the history of our products and our chocolate is a unique treasure. That is why, in our processes, we are always looking out for the rich historical heritage: OUR CACAO.


We work directly with more than 3500 small-scale farmers. By working without intermediaries, we generate trust and transparency giving them fair prices for their product. We also share knowledge about organic and biodynamic processes, which allow them to obtain a better product while taking care of their piece of land.


We have become a reference of quality and production processes in the category. By prioritizing the producer and helping him to generate quality crops in an organic way, he can take care of his land and his future.


It is fundamental for us to generate a positive impact in the world. It is our responsibility to promote a sustainable and harmonious development, alongside with our producers. Together with nature, sharing culture and sustainable practices to whoever is listening.

Pacari - El Mejor Chocolate para el Mundo
The small-scale farmer
Our ally and main link with nature

We offer a fair price for their work, allowing them to expand their knowledge about the care of land. The idea is to make them part of a human and social process of chocolate production of the highest quality.

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From tree to bar
Innovation in every product

Each bar of chocolate is the result of a human process. It is the manifestation of the soul of the community, inspired by a sustainable and ancestral culture of chocolate.

We have over
35 flavors
and we continue innovating.

Our ancestral product
“arriba” chocolate
for its quality.

only the best
quality beans are selected
for our products.

Our products are recognized as
The Best Chocolate in the World

Together with our producers we generate a dynamic of constant improvement in our processes. Only with constant workshops and training, we can take care of their organic production. This has allowed us to win more than 207 awards nationwide and internationally.

Pacari - El Mejor Chocolate para el Mundo
Pacari - El Mejor Chocolate para el Mundo
Discover our CACAO
The best chocolate for the world.

Each ingredient has its history. That is why we are constantly innovating with local flavors and those from all over the world.

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